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Mommy September 6, 2018

Going out to shop for your kids before they go to school for the 1st time? Keep these things in mind

How difficult can it be to buy uniforms and stationery in anticipation of school reopening day? Easy-peasy? No. Anyone who has done it will admit it’s no walk in the park. While it’s not the greatest shopping challenge, you will still need to be aware of some things when shopping for your kid’s first day at school.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. What to buy

Your child will need everything from water bottles to new shoes, so it’s best to make a checklist of all the things they will need before you embark on your campaign. The list should include some items such as their uniform, books (textbooks and notebooks), a pencil box, water bottle, lunchbox, bag, stationery, etc. The school will give you a general idea of the supplies you’ll need for your child, so that’s an excellent place to start.

Shoe polish will come in useful if you wish to look smart and create a good impression on the faculty. You’ll need a good laundry detergent since kids magnetically attract dirt and stains in school; so ensure you have plenty on hand. You will also need to figure out the number of clothes/uniforms your child will need – generally, 2-3 sets of uniforms should be enough.

A Goodknight Fabric Roll-On is also a smart purchase as your child will be vulnerable to mosquitoes, and this is one of the best ways to prevent illnesses at the beginning of the term. Stagnant water sources or a lot of greenery on the campus could be breeding grounds for these pests and it takes only a single bite to develop into a serious problem.

Just four drops of Goodknight Fabric Roll-On on their clothes and your kids will remain mosquito-free through the day. What’s more, since it’s made from natural oils, it’s completely safe for your little ones.

2. When to buy

While you can buy most of the supplies months before the new school term begins, uniforms are a different story. Your child could outgrow a uniform if it’s purchased too early. You want them to be comfortable on their first day. Two weeks before school reopens will be ideal.

Around a month before term starts is an excellent time to shop for other supplies such as bags and lunchboxes. Keep an eye open for back-to-school sales. Also remember to hold on to the receipts and keep the labels on, just in case anything needs to be returned.

3. Other things to keep in mind

It’s a good idea to buy slip-on shoes or ones with Velcro straps as it can be difficult for a child to tie laces. Also bear in mind that kids are not great at keeping track of their belongings, so having a spare (or two, or three) lunchboxes and water bottles along will come in handy. Also, stock up on stationery.

4. Judgment day

Wearing their neatly pressed uniforms, hair combed, bag and lunch packed, your child will be ready to start their incredible new learning adventure. You might also want to buy some tissues… but these would be for you, since it’s quite natural for parents to feel rather overwhelmed.

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