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Mommy November 20, 2017

Goodknight Patches – Cool Sticker, Effective Repellent: A Mother’s Review

This was submitted to Goodknight by parenting blogger Sania.


Recently I went to my mother’s place to stay over for a week. Maa ka ghar is the best destination to relax and unwind for any girl, especially after marriage.


One evening, I was getting my five year old daughter ready to go out to play in the park. My mother was sitting on the dining table nearby, shelling peas for dinner.


I made her wear her favourite t-shirt and track pants, combed her hair, helped her wear her shoes and she was ready to go. Unmoved, my daughter kept on standing, waiting for the finishing touch. Puzzled I asked her, “What else? You are good to go.” She giggled and extended her arm in front of me.


Now I understood what she is waiting for. Madam wanted to put Goodknight Patches. She is extremely fond of those super cute Chhota Bheem cartoon printed patches I bought some time ago. Taking the pack out of my bag, I removed two patches and applied one on her sleeve and one on the sock. Beaming with joy, she ran out of the house to play.


I am really thankful to Goodknight for introducing these mosquito repellent patches in colourful Chhota Bheem cartoon designs; now rather than me running after her to apply a repellent, she forces me to put patches on her. It puts me at ease knowing that my baby is protected from mosquitoes that cause dengue and chikungunya.


Looking astonished my mother asked me, “Why did you put stickers on her dress?”


“No Ma, they are not plain stickers. They are mosquito repellent patches”, I replied laughing… “and they don’t stain the clothes when you remove them.”


“You mean to say these small stickers, or patches as you call them, are going to keep the mosquitoes away from her while she is playing in the garden?”, she asked in disbelief and noticeably unconvinced.


“Yes Ma, Goodknight Patches are 100% natural and made of plant based essential oils such as Citronella and Eucalyptus oil. These are absolutely safe for kids and best mosquito repellent for infants as well. And you know what, they offer protection for up to 8 hours against those awful mosquito bites.”


My mother left her work and came up to have a closer look at the product. Beyond coils, mats and creams, for her this was something as novel as a mosquito repellent. My mother, who always relied upon her age-old pungent smelling cream as a mosquito repellent seemed visibly impressed now.


An hour later as she got ready to go out for her evening walk, I saw her taking out two patches from my bag and sticking them to her blouse and pleats of sari.


I couldn’t stop smiling. I am sure she is going to tell all about it in her dadi-nani group in the park and surely they will break into child-like laughter looking at the cartoon printed patches!


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