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Mommy September 6, 2018

Healthy homemade snacks to carry while traveling with your kid

Traveling with kids can be a double-edged experience. On the one hand, you are rewarded by their curiosity and wonder, while on the other they exhaust you with their energy and the care you must take of them.

One of the most significant issues faced while traveling with kids is food. Adults can withstand roadside ‘dhaba’ food easier than children. Water- and food-borne diseases could easily affect your child if they eat from such places.

The solution is simple. Carry homemade snacks for yourself and your child while you are on a road trip. So here are some healthy and tasty snacks for you to carry on your next journey.

1. Soya cutlets:Soya cutlets are low-fat tasty treats that provide high energy. They offer healthy nourishment and do not become inedible easily. This makes them optimal for road-trips. They go very well with a dip.

2. Cheese toasties:A favorite with kids, cheese toasties are a fast snack that can be made in a jiffy. Make sure not to overdo the cheese as it will then become unhealthy!

3. Paratha Pizza:Did you know you can make parathas interesting? Take a paratha, put a layer of tomato sauce, add tasty veggies and grated cheese on top, and microwave for five minutes. Voila – your ‘parazza’ is ready! The kids will love it.

4. Frankies: You could make this with leftover vegetables as filling and mayonnaise or tomato as the sauce. They are easy to make and easy to eat on the move.

5. Salted biscuits and cheesy dip: Pack a box of salted crackers. Take a tub of cheese spread and add a few chopped chilies (or jalapenos). That’s it! You have an excellent and tasty treat that your children will love digging into.

6. Trail mix: Take some cornflakes and add whatever kind of dry fruit you want to it. Sprinkle some chocolate chips as well. (If you don’t have chocolate chips, then add any hard chocolate by crumbling it.) You are done! This will be a healthy and sweet snack for your kids (and you) to munch on your journey.

7. Khakra:It’s a great Indian snack made by roasting and drying a thin chapati. It is a very healthy snack. It’s tasty, it’s light… and with some yoghurt, it’s dynamite!

Homemade food keeps your child healthy, especially on long journeys. However, while traveling out of the home, care must also be taken to safeguard your child against mosquitoes. All it takes is one bite to transfer a deadly disease such as malaria, dengue, or chikungunya.

Use Goodknight Fabric Roll-On on your kids’ clothes to ensure a happy journey. Just four dots on an article of clothing are enough to keep even the most persistent mosquitoes at bay.

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