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Dengue Fever during pregnancy
Mommy, Dengue Blogs April 2, 2018

How To Avoid Dengue During Pregnancy

Dengue fever is a viral infection caused by the dengue virus that is transmitted through the bite of the infected Aedes mosquito. It is very dangerous to have dengue during pregnancy as it can be transmitted to the child; this is potentially fatal.


Causes And Symptoms Of Dengue During Pregnancy

Aedes, the dengue causing mosquito, breeds in hot and humid climates close to unattended stagnant water.


You can find out more about the breeding habits of mosquitoes here. The most common symptoms of dengue include high fever, throbbing headaches (resulting in pain behind the eyes), joint aches, muscle pains and bleeding of gums.


 Effects Of Dengue On Pregnant Women

– The infected person is more vulnerable to Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever which is caused by a severe drop in the blood platelet count.
– It can cause problems with natural birthing making a Caesarean delivery inevitable.


Possible effects of dengue to the unborn child may be as follows:

– The child may be born with dengue.
– Preterm birth
– Low birth weight
– Possible miscarriage
– Still birth


If you have been affected by dengue while you’re pregnant, you need to take strict precautions with your diet and do whatever your doctor advises you to.


Are you aware of how malaria affects pregnancy? Click here to know more.


How To Avoid Dengue During Pregnancy

Prevention is always better than cure, especially when there are two lives at risk. You need to take extra precautions if you want to have a healthy hassle-free pregnancy. Here are some tips to protect yourself from dengue:


– Always wear long-sleeved, protective clothing especially when you are outdoors.
– Avoid staying in humid places for long; the dengue mosquitoes breed there.
– Use pregnancy friendly mosquito repellents as well as mosquito nets, especially while sleeping.
– Keep the house environment clean and fresh. Do not allow any water to stagnate.


– Stay in air conditioned places or cool indoor spaces, especially during active mosquito times like dawn and dusk and during the day time as dengue mosquitoes bite during the day.
– Hydrate and eat well to strengthen your immune system.



How To Avoid Dengue During Pregnancy



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Always be one step ahead to escape the dengue virus. Let your maternal instincts take over – your family deserves to be safe and protected.



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