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Mommy October 10, 2018

How to plan a perfect picnic for a great start to school

Going to school is a necessary part of growing up. However, that doesn’t make it easier for children. They naturally resent the ending of their vacations and having to go back to school.One way to lift your child’s spirit is by taking him or her on a good old-fashioned picnic. It is a great way for you to bond with your child while letting them enjoy one last idyllic day before the start of the school season.

Here are some tips to make your picnic a truly memorable one!

  1. Check the weather: No picnic is fun if your picnic spot is soaking with rain or burning under a harsh sun with no tree cover. Always check the weather at your chosen picnic spot. Don’t completely test the weather report either and take an umbrella or two as a precaution. If it’s too sunny or rainy, these umbrellas can become your picnic savers!
  1. Pick a good spot: The entire linchpin of a good picnic is its location. Without a good location, there is hardly ever a good picnic. Ideal spots include those on gently sloping mountains, grassy fields, near clean ponds and streams, and those with views of hills and waterfalls. Nearly every city will have such spots in the vicinity. Keep the security of your family in mind while choosing a good spot and opt for one that is busy as opposed to a more beautiful but isolated place.
  1. Carry food: Never rely on roadside food even near the very busy picnic spots. That is not how one conducts a picnic. Carry healthy homemade food when you are going out. Take care to make items that do not require plates to be eaten and always remember to collect the litter you generate and bring it back with you. Pizzas, corn, frankies, and fruits are some good ideas for picnic snacks.
  1. Decide on some games: Games like Statue, I Spy and Charades are great on family picnics. Without the games, picnics would be decidedly less fun. Seeing how the family is together and relaxed, it’s the ideal occasion for a bit of fun and games. You may also decide to take a few board games (Monopoly, Ludo, etc.,) but refrain from taking the brainy ones (Chess, Scrabble, etc.,). After all, you are celebrating one last time before your child has to go back to school!
  1. Ensure safety: Ensure that your child and you are safe during your picnic. Picnics occur outdoors and extra precaution must be taken to safeguard health. Drink only water that you’ve carried with you. Use a good quality sunscreen if necessary. It’s rumored that mosquitoes near rural and forested areas are more aggressive than city mosquitoes! Considering that mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as malaria, dengue, and chikungunya, care must be taken to not be bitten by them. Use Goodknight Fabric Roll-On on your clothes; just four dots are enough to deter the hungriest of mosquitoes. Also, stick Goodknight Patches on any surface to keep the area mosquito-free for eight hours. Both are absolutely safe for children.

It helps to be proactive. Taking precautions to stay safe, especially during the monsoons, will ensure that your child remains healthy and looks forward to the new school term with excitement.

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