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Mommy October 1, 2018

How to Soothe a Teething Baby?

Having sleepless nights because of your baby’s teething? Drooling, crankiness, and tears – pure chaos. Teething is the process of a baby getting its first teeth. It typically happens in pairs within six months of birth with the bottom two central incisors being the first to emerge. These are closely followed by the two top front central incisors, usually accompanied with excessive drooling, chewing of random objects, sore or tender gums and most importantly, an irritable baby.

As a parent, witnessing your child’s discomfort cannot be easy. Also, it’s difficult to rest when your child is constantly grabbing and chewing on everything they can find. Worse still, children crying at the top of their lungs because of sore gums.

Here is how you can relieve children of their teething pain, and comfort them during this tough time:

Massage Your Baby’s Gums 

Rub and massage your baby’s gums with a clean finger or a moistened gauze pad. Teething infants feel comforted by the pressure on their sore gums as it distracts them from the pain. Rub your finger in a circular motion all along the gum line. This can be done both inside and outside the mouth. Circle the gums from the top, bottom and front in back and forth motions to relieve your child of the pain.

Sucking on Cool Food 

A cold compress usually helps relieve any sort of pain, be it an adult or an infant. Help your child with a cold washcloth, a spoon or a chilled teething ring. This will not just soothe and numb the pain, it will also bring down any inflammation that the new teeth might be causing the gums. The inflammation is usually the primary cause of pain in sore gums and if this aspect is dealt with, you are a step closer to provide some comfort to your child.

Hard Foods 

Give your child some hard food. Solid edible food is an excellent natural teether. This way you don’t have to worry about your child accidentally swallowing or gnawing on something that’s harmful. Give your baby a peeled cucumber or carrot and let them gnaw away!

Take care that the child does not choke on the food. Besides being a possible choking hazard when not alert, this is a very efficient way to relieve your child’s sore gums.

Wipe Drool Away 

Although it’s common for babies to drool, wiping away the excessive drool helps. The objects you give your child to relieve gum irritation, including teethers and your fingers cause a lot of saliva in the baby’s mouth.

To prevent further skin irritation, wipe away the drool with a clean cloth. You can also consider applying certain moisturizers or lotions.

Avoid Other Disturbing Factors 

Evade all potential factors that could further irritate your child. The infant is already fragile and in a cranky mood. Make sure you don’t anger the baby with things around that he/she doesn’t like.

Keep noise to the minimum to let your child get adequate sleep. Goodknight Neem Agarbattis always a good idea to keep the harmful mosquitoes at bay and ensure that your child gets a comfortable undisturbed sleep. Rest is crucial at times like this and mosquitoes can be a severe irritating factor. To say nothing of the harmful diseases they cause. Make sure you have everything in place so your child is well-rested.

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