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Mommy September 18, 2018

Is your child a Chhota Bheem fan? Here are some fantastic gifting ideas!

If you have a child at home and a TV – or even a computer with an internet connection – chances are you’ve heard of Chhota Bheem. This show is a big hit with both children and parents in India, thanks to the wholesome messages each episode confers.

If your child is a Chhota Bheem fan, buying gifts for them becomes quite easy as there are plenty of themed items for you to choose from, which feature the character and his friends.

So here are some highly recommended items to give your own little Chhota Bheem:

1. Chhota Bheem backpack: All kids love colorful stuff. To make going to school more fun, a backpack with their favorite cartoon hero would be just the thing. So get your child a Chhota Bheem backpack for school and you won’t regret it. Your kid will be so eager to show off their awesome new bag that they’ll wake you up to get them ready for school!


2. Chhota Bheem plush toy/action figures: Ideal for children between the ages of 1 and 5, Chhota Bheem plush toys are cute little soft toys that your child can carry with them. They’re unbreakable and completely safe for children to play with – they have no small parts that to choke on. For kids aged 5 and over who have outgrown soft toys, you’ll want something a little more mature. A set of Chhota Bheem action figures would be perfect.


3. Chhota Bheem stationery: From pens and pencils to erasers and scales, there is a wide range of products inspired by Chhota Bheem for your children to learn with. You can totally customize your child’s school stationery kit with Chhota Bheem and his friends and fit them all quite neatly into a Chhota Bheem pencil box too! These are guaranteed to keep your school-going child satisfied, and eager to start their learning adventure.


4. Chhota Bheem T-shirts: Chhota Bheem tees are all the rage for children who love the show. There are plenty of design options to choose from that feature all of the characters in a variety of poses. So from colors to styles (long sleeves, short sleeves, vests etc.), you can make sure that your child is more than happy as they get to show off their new garments in their favorite colors.


5. Chhota Bheem Goodknight Patches: Mosquitoes are a very real threat to children. They carry diseases such as malaria, dengue, and chikungunya, which can be transmitted through a single bite. Chhota Bheem Goodknight Patches make the surrounding area mosquito-free for up to eight hours. Just stick them on something close to your child, or even on their clothes. These are a must for the summer and monsoon seasons. And there’s no cooler way for your child to stay safe than to have their favourite hero protecting them!


So what are you waiting for? Choose any or all of these items when you feel like gifting or rewarding your little Chhota Bheem fan and it will certainly make their day!

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