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Mommy September 6, 2018

Is your child busy watching the football tourney? Here’s how to enhance the experience at home

With the planet’s biggest football extravaganza in full swing, people across the globe are making time to watch the matches. You’d be mistaken if you thought children are any different. In fact, most try to get their chores and schoolwork done in time for the day’s game.

But watching football at home doesn’t have to be as simple as just that; there are ways to enhance the experience considerably, especially for kids. Here are some simple suggestions:

1. Keep snacks handy:

Prepare healthy and filling snacks for your child so that they can enjoy an absolutely decadent evening of soccer without falling ill or feeling bloated. Some lightly baked snacks along with a homemade dip can be a great option. Carrots and cucumbers cut into strips can also be perfect to nibble on with the dip.

You can also prepare a couple of fresh fruit juices in lieu of aerated soft drinks or packaged juices that contain added sugar. Making the snack table a little more ‘presentable’ i.e. with a World Cup theme, can give the evening a little extra oomph.

2. Watch matches together:

Make it a family evening. This can be a superb bonding experience for the family, even if not everyone is into the sport. The camaraderie of watching the game as a family can have everyone in great spirits making it a memorable experience for your child. You could take the time to expand upon the finer details of the sport – children can be very responsive to contextual information.

3. Invite your child’s friends home:

Consider throwing a World Cup party; invite a few close friends of your child over to view the match. They will love the company and the experience of sharing the fun with friends will leave them feeling thrilled. Get some snacks ready and be prepared to tell them to keep the noise down, should it get out of hand. Throw in a couple of World Cup-related games (say, which team will score first or who will win and by how many goals etc.) and make it a fun evening.

4. Draw up a timetable:

Considering the tournament will last for close to a month, it’s a good idea to make a tournament timetable for your child. Not only will they like the idea, they will try and adhere to it as well. You can have them do chores and homework before the matches – and for the semifinals and finals, you can plan something grander and more spectacular for them.

5. Make it a safe environment:

It’s not just football season that’s set in; it’s also the season for mosquitoes. The last thing you want to do is ruin your child’s football watching fun by worrying about them getting bitten by disease-carrying insects. Mosquitoes carry disease like Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya which can be quite dangerous for children. The solution is simple: the new Goodknight Gold Flash System just plug it in, switch it on, and your TV room will be free from mosquitoes. This also works for matches that may happen during the day.

Football is an exciting sport that’s lively and energetic. It can be quite a thrill for children.  So, keeping in mind these simple tips will ensure that your child thoroughly enjoys watching football matches at home while having lots of fun and staying safe from mosquitoes. All thanks to the new Goodknight Gold Flash System.

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