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Mommy September 18, 2018

Is your due date approaching? Do not forget to pack these things in your hospital bag!

Becoming a mother can be a truly extremely rewarding experience. However, the experience is naturally accompanied by stress and anxiety, especially as your due date gets nearer. It always pays to be prepared. So, relax and take a deep breath; while there’s a lot you can do, it’s also important to let the people around you take care of you at this crucial time.

One of the things you must do to prep for the big day is getting the ‘big-ticket’ item on your checklist- your Hospital ‘Go-Bag’.

The following list contains some essentials that you should have in your hospital bag to ensure everything goes smoothly in the moment of truth:

  1. Diapers – At the top of the list is the absolute essential – diaper. Although the hospital will probably supply you with some, it’s best that you choose the one you consider best for your new baby and have them on hand in plenty. Changes will be fast and frequent. It’s also good to inculcate the habit of always having a few diapers handy for at least the first few years of your baby’s life.


  1. Baby wipes – Babies have extremely sensitive skin, and there is a chance that your little sweetheart could get a rash if his or her skin is exposed or not cleaned properly. If you have to wipe your baby down (and this will often be in the first year), it’s better to use certified baby wipes. The inherent moisture of the wipes ensures a cool, gentle application of the specialized tissue on your baby’s skin. A good baby wipe is essential for the well-being of your child and by association, you as well.


  1. The best insect repellent you can find – A newborn’s immune system is weak and can be compromised quite easily. Infections that affect a pregnant mother can also lead to complications for the child. That’s where products such as Goodknight Fabric Roll Onbecome an excellent way to combat annoying mosquitoes from bothering you and your little one. Made with natural ingredients, just four little dabs on your clothing can be enough to keep mosquitoes at bay with no side-effects.Alternatively, you could also try Goodknight Patches – another way to ensure the safety and protection of your baby even when he or she is asleep! This non-toxic, 100% baby-safe product can be applied on cots, strollers/ prams, etc. (virtually any surface near your baby and on items of clothing) to keep those pesky insects away. This is effective for up to eight hours and is also convenient to carry on outings to parks or on vacations.


  1. Comfortable sandals – Although all reputed hospitals try to keep their premises spotless and immaculately clean, especially the maternity ward, it is always recommended to wear sandals while walking on the floor or going to the washroom so that your feet remain clean and dry.


  1. Kid’s home-coming dress – There is no doubting that you will have already shopped for your baby even before he or she is born. Not to mention all the baby gifts your little angel will be given! If you have bought any home-coming outfits for your bundle of joy, don’t forget to put it into your bag so that you can make the most of these memories.

Your hospital “Go-bag”, with these necessary items, can bring much-needed peace of mind. It will eliminate any unnecessary worry and ensure you focus on the only thing that’s important, i.e. the birth of your child. Here’s hoping you and your partner have a joyful life as new parents!

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