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Mommy September 6, 2018

Is your kid going camping? Don’t forget to pack these things!

Camping is a great way to connect with the great outdoors. Sleeping under the stars, hiking through the hills, splashing about in waterfalls… what could be more adventurous? Even the monsoons don’t seem to ‘dampen’ the spirit of kids wanting to get out of the house and spend their holidays in the wild. It’s a great way for them to learn valuable survival skills and be self-reliant, and how to interact with nature better.

Of course, as a parent it’s your responsibility to ensure that your child is well prepared for such a trip. So here’s a quick list of essentials you must pack if you want your child’s outdoor adventure to be a lot of fun – and ensure safety at the same time:

1. Hand sanitizer:

A good camp is one that is far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city; within nature’s embrace. This means that the environment your child will be exposed to at camp will be a little rough and dirty. A hand sanitizer will help them keep germs away and is quite handy, especially if there’s no water to wash up.2.

2. Water bottle:

Clean and safe drinking water can spell the difference between life and death when outdoors. Children in camps often go for nature walks or engage in other strenuous outdoor activities, which can result in dehydration. This can cause cramps and fatigue if left untreated. Water is necessary to stay hydrated at all times. You should advise your kids to drink only from purified sources to avoid the risk of ingesting contaminated water.

3.  A torch:

A rechargeable LED torch will serve your child well in the absolute darkness of night when out in the wilderness. On cloudy nights, even the moon may not able to provide enough light for one to get around. The last thing you want is for your child (or anybody else for that matter) to lose their bearings in the dark and possibly injure themselves. So a bright, reliable torch is a must-have in every kid’s camping kit.

4.  Mosquito repellent:

Nature teems with a variety of insects. While most may not be harmful, mosquitoes in the wild tend to be a little larger and more aggressive than their city cousins. Keeping these disease carriers 4. away from your child should be top priority and there’s a simple solution for that.

Goodknight Fabric Roll-On is a child-friendly product that works wonders in such tricky situations. Just apply four little dots on an article of clothing and it will keep mosquitoes away for up to eight hours. Plan B is to pack a few Goodknight Patches, an equally potent repellent. These patches can be applied on any surface, including clothing, and they will keep the area around your child free of mosquitoes for up to 8 hours. Both are absolutely safe.

While camping is a fun activity, it’s not without its dangers. As any scout will tell you, it’s always better to be prepared. So be a responsible parent and don’t forget to put these things in your young camper’s backpack. It will ensure that they return with fond memories of their outdoor adventure.

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