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Mommy August 14, 2018

Make your pregnancy more comfortable with these must-have items

There’s always a lot of excitement – and maybe a little nervousness – when welcoming a new addition to your family. But in the run-up to that eventful day, it’s the little things that you must pay attention to. Whether it’s getting sound sleep at night or maintaining a healthy diet, moms-to-be can depend on certain products to make their lives a bit easier. As your body goes through some big changes during pregnancy, here are some best friends that will make the journey smoother:


1. Massage Lotion: When you’re pregnant, developing dry skin is rather common. Moisturizing yourself in such situations is necessary to prevent itchy and cracking skin. More importantly, massaging your body can keep blood circulation up, which is essential if you sit or lie down for extended periods. So get a good massage lotion that soothes your skin. But ensure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients; maybe even get your doctor’s opinion before buying one.


2. Body pillow: While pregnancy eventually brings you the greatest joy in life, it often involves a lot of discomforts too. A body pillow, in such instances, can prove to be a lifesaver. It is particularly helpful if you have trouble sleeping due to the discomfort. A body pillow offers support for your back and hips, eases stiff joints, and provides comfort to your body.


3. Pest control and mosquito repellents: Mosquitoes are known for transmitting some of the most serious diseases, and the last thing you want is to come down with an illness while pregnant. More importantly, you shouldn’t be taking any chances when it comes to your baby. Mosquito creams can often be harsh on the skin, and aggravate dryness and itching. So, consider using a repellent such as Goodknight Fabric Roll-On to keep insects and mosquitoes away while you’re asleep.


4. Morning sickness relief: Pregnancy brings with it mornings that often make you feel nauseated. Since this isn’t going away anytime soon, it can help to keep nausea relief handy. This could be a bagful of crackers, ice cream, juice, or candy. Some recommend peanuts for dealing with nausea. If nothing works, keep some pills with you for instant relief. However, make sure to check with your doctor if these are things you can consume.


5. Maternity wear: As much as you may want to, wearing slinky clothes will no longer be possible when you are pregnant. For absolute comfort, you will need clothes that allow you to move freely and don’t constrict your belly area. So, invest in loose flowing dresses, t-shirts, and leggings, preferably in cotton. You can even style your maternity wear with the right accessories and shoes, for a more glamorous look.



Pregnancy can be a roller-coaster ride for moms-to-be. Sure, you will have family and friends to help and support you, but having your own set of essentials to comfortably sail through this period is necessary. Be sure to add the above-mentioned items to your shopping list, and you can be sure of having a comfortable time.

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