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Mommy September 24, 2018

Mind and body benefits that your child will derive from yoga

It is very important to inform and educate your child about the benefits of maintaining their health. This is an important lesson for children will not feel their health decrease until they are no longer in their twenties. Children should be encouraged to pick up a sport which they can practice till adulthood; after that managing, a sport with a professional life becomes difficult (if not downright impractical). Sports will ensure good health and metabolism for them. But the most important exercise through which they can always derive benefit and practice it for the rest of their lives is Yoga. Here are some of the benefits Yoga will confer on your child.



1. Focus: Children suffer from a lack of focus. That quality, they develop throughout their lives. Considering that focus is one of the more important qualities a person should have, Yoga is a must as it is a tool used to enhance focus. Yoga will ensure that your child gets naturally attained focus. This is a godsend for children with small attention spans and even those showing signs of ADD or ADHD.



2. Metabolism: The biggest threat to children these days is not the terrain, weather, bacteria or upheavals. Instead, it is junk food and sugary drinks. Kids love to consume these (studies have shown the same state of mental arousal in children consuming junk food and addicts consuming drugs). They provide many times with the number of fats and sugar a person requires in their daily diet. As a result, a child’s metabolism decreases. They are prone to lethargy and to very stunted concentration spans. Yoga is a natural way by which the body’s metabolism is regulated and brought to its normal range.



3. Weight: Yoga may seem like a series of very easy exercises, but when done right, they are more demanding than any full body workout in the gym. Yoga works by leveraging the body’s own strength against it (in order to strengthen it) and this causes massive weight loss along with the creation of a healthy appetite. Moreover as most weight gain happens due to a sluggish metabolism, Yoga takes care of that deficit as well.



4. Athletism: Yoga will ensure that your child remains athletic and flexible. These serve as important enhancers in other sporting activities along with acting as a natural way for the body to boost its immunity and enhance its core strength. The flexibility children gain from it will become all the more important to them as they age.



Yoga is still a form of exercise that requires some time to master. Injuries to ligaments and muscle pull are common if it is done incorrectly. Your child should have the best guidance while doing these exercises (initially) and should also be supervised while trying out new postures. Yoga must be ideally done in open environments and this raises the risks of mosquitoes biting your child. They can transfer diseases like Malaria, Dengue and Chikungunya in a single bite. Use Goodknight Vaporisers while indoors to deal with them and when outdoors use Goodknight Fabric Roll On to keep them at bay.

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