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Mommy September 18, 2018

Mother-in-law’s tips for the first baby of the family

Becoming a mother for the first time is a glorious experience; but it can be marred by the stress and anxiety that come with the territory. It’s important in such a situation that the mum-to-be receives help from her near and dear ones, especially someone who’s gone through the same thing. And who better to fill the role than a mother-in-law (and soon-to-be grandma)!

Being repositories of traditional wisdom and modern outlook, mothers-in-law can be extremely helpful to expectant women in such trying times. So here are some mother-in-law approved tips to aid the comfort and safety of their daughters-in-law:


1. Homemade snacks: Expectant mothers develop hunger pangs like they’ve never had before. The baby is going to need plenty of good nutrition to grow well i.e. food that is fresh, safe, healthy, and germ-free. So, bring on some good old-fashioned ‘ghar ka khana’. Also, carrying a little box of home-made snacks around is perfect for mums-to-be when they need a bite. This will ensure there’s something to eat when hungry and negates the need to eat from outside (avoidable at this time).


2. Comfortable clothes: A woman is going to undergo drastic physical changes as her pregnancy progresses. Home-knit clothes can prove to be very handy at this time. Not only will they ensure a level of comfort (as they are created keeping ease of movement in mind) it can also be a beautiful bonding experience for the two ladies. Of course, pregnancy clothes are also easily available in shops, so if the mother-in-law is not adept with a needle and thread, these can serve as an alternative.


3. Protection against mosquitoes: While nutrition and comfort are certainly vital for expecting women, preventing potential illness during pregnancy is also something to be taken seriously. When it comes to protection against mosquito bites and mosquito-related illnesses, using a repellent such as the New Goodknight Gold Flash System is an excellent way to safeguard the home. The simple plug-and-go setup is safe for adults and babies. Further, just as the Gold Flash System provides protection indoors, Goodknight Patches can safeguard pregnant women outdoors. Made of natural oils, they can be stuck on any surface area (bags, tables, etc.) including articles of clothing (without leaving a stain) to provide up to eight hours of protection. Their 100% natural composition makes them ideal for use around expecting women and babies as well.


4. Basic hygiene and medicines: As mentioned, falling ill while pregnant can be dangerous. It jeopardizes the health of the mother and her unborn child. A Goodknight Patch will keep mosquitoes at bay, but having necessary, baby-safe, doctor-approved medicines at all times is equally important. A hand sanitizer or wet wipes can be very useful to kill germs on the go.


Becoming a grandmother for the first time is a highly anticipated event for most women. But it also comes with a lot of responsibilities that women take to quite naturally. An early start by caring for a pregnant daughter-in-law will help a soon-to-be-grandma adapt to the role with ease and grace!

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