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Mommy September 18, 2018

Old-school mommy versus new-age mommy

On the one hand, raising a child is supremely rewarding and on the other, it can be thoroughly exhausting. Mothers have been treading that fine line through time immemorial. It was never an easy job and that’s one thing that hasn’t changed with time – although modern facilities have made things less stressful, all things considered.

Mothers, down many generations, have handled themselves differently. They made allowances for the era they were part of – the culture, the knowledge, the technology of that age. They did the very best they could with what they had at their disposal; no one could ask for more.

Today, things are vastly different from even 15 years ago. So just how has motherhood evolved? Here are a few examples:


1. Diapers versus nappies: The practice of using cloth nappies has been around for quite some time, and although some still use them today, it’s not standard practice. Diapers were previously used only when traveling outside the house. Nappies can be reused, but need frequent washing which can prove to be stressful and time-consuming. So the modern mom prefers using diapers, even at home. Initially, diapers also need to be changed often; but as babies get older, a diaper can be worn for 5-8 hours at a stretch.

There’s also the matter of powder versus diaper creams, the latter being the item of choice today since babies are in diapers for a longer duration. Even disposing of diapers has gotten easier and more modern with new products that also reduce chances of odors.


2. Baby cots: Back in the day, baby cots had no gizmos and were far less complicated – their bare structures made lovely from the lavish attention mothers would shower on their babies. Baby cots were primarily meant to ensure that the baby did not fall out and was secure while it rested or played.

Modern cots are quite different. New mommies can now buy beds with advanced features such as built-in baby monitors, rocking mechanism, etc. to soothe the baby. Accessories are designed to accommodate toys without occupying space inside the cot. Also, additional padding is sold to provide more protection for some of the more traditional or classic-styled cots/cribs.


3. Mosquito repellent:In generations past, mothers would use neem oil and incense sticks with nets thrown in during the summers and monsoons when mosquito activity is highest. The problem with these solutions is that some babies could be allergic to skin-applied repellents, and incense could cause breathing issues. Nets, however, are quite useful even today.

These days, moms have access to highly efficient, potent and far less invasive mosquito repellents that are capable of keeping mosquitoes at bay for much longer. Goodknight Patches, for instance, are trusted by many new-age moms. The patches can be applied to any surface (and clothing in case of older children) to make the surrounding area mosquito-free for up to eight hours. The patches themselves are perfectly baby-friendly.


As with all things, solutions and insights have evolved with the passage of time. While our mothers did a great job of keeping us safe with what little they had at their disposal, today’s moms have so much more. The one thing that has remained constant through the ages, however, is the love and care that a mother lavishes on her baby. Long may it flourish.

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