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Mommy September 18, 2018

Parent blogger: How I planned a vacation in my second trimester of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of great joy. During these nine months, a woman prepares herself for her new role of mother. Although this may not be the easiest time for most moms-to-be, the effort is undeniably worth it.

I recently enjoyed my precious nine months and am now the mother of a cute angel. She’s brought so much fun and laughter to my home that it’s now become heaven for me.

I often recall the days when I was pregnant with her. One of the most cherished periods was a vacation during my second trimester. I know most people recommend taking rest during this time, but it is equally important to enjoy life and prep oneself for upcoming responsibilities.

So, my husband and I planned a trip to the Pink City, Jaipur. I was super excited but anxious too. I wanted to rejuvenate myself while taking every precaution to safeguard my unborn baby.

Here are the tips I followed to make my holiday an enjoyable part of my pregnancy:

  • Don’t overdo it: As a first step we kept the itinerary relaxed and visited not more than two places in a day, with a break in the afternoon for a quick power nap.
  • Dress easy: Dressing up is a challenge during pregnancy and dressing up for a vacay during pregnancy even more so. I decided to pack only loose dresses that would keep me cool and relaxed. To add a bit of bling, I wore some stylish but light jewelry.
  • Stay hydrated: Dehydration can be dangerous! I made sure I drank enough water and other fluids such as coconut water, fresh fruit juices, nimbu pani, etc., regularly.
  • Eat light: Although holiday is a time to forget about calories, it can make travelling difficult for anyone. So, I opted for light meals and small snacks at regular intervals to keep my tummy (and my baby) happy. In fact, my most of my snacks included fresh fruits to give me extra energy.
  • Apply Goodknight Fabric Roll-On: This is a must-do for everyone reading this story. As mosquitoes can be found anywhere and cause dangerous diseases such as Dengue or Chikungunya, I took the precaution of applying four drops of Goodknight Fabric Roll-On – on both shoulders and around my ankles. This successfully kept mosquitoes at bay. The product is highly effective and safe to use, even for pregnant women.

I followed these tips to make the most out of my second trimester holiday. If you’re pregnant and are longing to take a break, follow my ideas and get rejuvenated. I wish you a great pregnancy – and a memorable holiday to remember it by!

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