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Mommy September 6, 2018

Planning to visit Mumbai in the monsoon with kids? Don’t forget to carry these essentials

With many vibes, views and hues, Mumbai is undoubtedly a fantastic city to visit; there’s something for everyone and plenty for the kids as well. Experiencing the monsoon season with kids, in one of the busiest cities in the country, can be quite an exciting experience for anyone.

But like any big city, it comes with its fair share of warnings, especially during the wetter months. Thus, carrying a few essential items on your Mumbai monsoon adventures will ensure the experience is fun and carefree, especially for your kids.

So, for those of you planning to travel to Mumbai with your little ones in tow during the monsoons, here are some necessary items to have on you:-

 1. Umbrella and raincoat:

An umbrella during Mumbai’s unpredictable rains is crucial (it’s also helpful in the summers). It’s advisable for each person to carry their own umbrella as this will ensure better mobility and keep you relatively dry when the rain comes pouring down.  Sometimes Mumbai’s rains cannot merely be tackled with an umbrella. This is where raincoats come in, and can be especially helpful when trying to keep kids dry and warm.


 2. Rain shoes:

A common problem during the monsoons is potentially slippery surfaces and areas around the city. This could be cumbersome for both, kids and adults. So, the right footwear not only offers better safety feature but also helps keep your kids’ feet dry and comfortable all through their outing.


3. Mosquito repellent:

The monsoons bring with it waterlogging and a rise in the mosquito population, which in turn bring another set of worries. But fear not, as keeping these pests at bay is as simple as using a few dabs of Goodknight’s Fabric Roll On clothes.

Alternatively, you can use Goodknight Patches that is made with 100% natural ingredients, which ensure they are entirely safe. These patches are designed to stick but not stain clothes. They can also be placed around your kids (on prams, cribs, cots etc.) convincing even the most zealous mosquitoes to stay away from them.

4. Hand towels:

It’s always a good idea to carry a few hand towels no matter where you go during the monsoons. These are ideal for wiping yourself or your kids dry in case you get splashed with water while outdoors. It also helps if you want to wipe down a wet seat or chair for you and your child.


5. Sanitizer:

Another essential you should carry with you, especially in the rains is a bottle of hand sanitizer. When faced with dirty areas and unclean environments, sanitizer can be the best way to fight off germs. It is also quite handy as it makes it easy to keep your kids’ hands clean and free of bacteria.


Mumbai can be quite a destination during the rains and as exciting as it is, keep in mind these simple tips to ensure that your stay is a pleasant memory; one that was free of worry and full of merriment!

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