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Mommy August 14, 2018

Safety measures you should take when your child goes to school in the monsoons

The monsoons are an exciting time for children. Running wild in the rain, playing in the mud and getting a scolding for doing it all when you get home are monsoon memories everyone has as children! However, parents have responsibilities as well. Children may not understand, but parents know that monsoons are also a time when mosquitoes, waterborne diseases, the flu, bruises from slippery school floors and other issues are constantly lurking about, waiting to pounce on an unprepared, unsuspecting child.


Thus, as a parent, it’s only natural that you’ll want to be prepared and make sure that your child has similar good memories as you did when you went to school.


Here are four simple tips to keep in mind to ensure a happy and hassle-free monsoon for your school-going little one:-


1. The right rain shoes: Venturing out in the monsoons is tricky business for both adults and kids. For active children who are always running around school corridors and walking to and from school on slippery pavements, the proper shoes with adequate grip are absolutely essential. Not only will they ensure your child doesn’t fall and get hurt but it will also help keep his/ her feet dry, preventing him/ her from catching a cold, fever etc.


2. Protection against mosquitoes: The rainy season is the time for mosquitoes to breed. It is a known fact that mosquitoes are most active during sunrise and sunset – when children are outside, either going to school or coming home from play. Within the house it’s relatively easy to protect them against mosquitoes by using liquid repellents, gels, etc. and even mosquito nets over their beds. But what about when they’re outside the house? The answer is using a product like Goodknight Fabric Roll-On. Just applying four dots on your child’s clothes is all it takes to keep those pests at bay. Potent enough to work in all weather conditions, Goodknight Fabric Roll-On stays effective for eight hours and is perfectly fine for children. Dab four drops on their school uniform and on their outside clothes and you’ll both be worry-free from mosquitoes.


3. A good umbrella and/or raincoat: Your child should never leave the home without either or both of these. An umbrella is essential in the monsoons to prevent your child from getting wet. However, on the windier days with heavy rains, an umbrella may not prove to be most useful and that’s where the added protection of a raincoat can make a big difference. Sometimes even a raincoat, on its own, is great for keeping a child’s clothes dry while commuting to school. They certainly won’t mind choosing one from the variety of options available these days that speak to all manners of their fantasy and imagination!


4. A dry change of clothes and towel: Carrying a change of clothes or dry socks and a towel to wipe down, can also help ensure that your child doesn’t stay wet. Wet clothes under a school fan may lead to catching a cold. So, a quick change after a wipe down can prevent that and do wonders for their spirits as well.



The monsoons can be really wonderful for kids even if they have to go to school. But to ensure that they enjoy it to its fullest while staying safe and dry is something all parents aspire to.

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