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Mommy September 18, 2018

Things to remember while planning your baby’s first birthday at home

Your baby’s first birthday is fast approaching. There’s no doubt it’s an occasion worth celebrating, with loads of fun and frolic. However, planning a birthday for your tot can be tough, especially if you have no prior experience. From making the occasion memorable to keeping your baby safe, one has to ensure everything is just right.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when throwing your baby’s first birthday party:

1. The guest list: If you are tempted to throw a grand party after inviting a ton of guests, you may want to reconsider. Overcrowding your home can quickly throw the situation into chaos, especially if your guests bring their kids with them. To keep things under control, you will want to keep it small and simple for a first birthday party. If your baby gets disturbed by loud noises and crowded places, you may want to invite only close friends and family.


2. The decorations: DIY is your best bet when it comes to saving money. Decorations can be unnecessarily costly. Add to it the cost of the cake and food for everyone and you’re looking at an expensive affair. Bake your own cake and decorate the house with handmade origami. This will not only make the party more personal and intimate; you can also be sure that your baby is not exposed to any harmful substances such as lead paint that is present in certain decorative materials.


3. The right timing: Pick a convenient time to throw the party. Not every party has to take place in the evening and especially not your baby’s first birthday party. As your baby is most likely to be up in the evenings you will have to take care of her and may not get enough time to socialize with the adults. Ideally, plan the party around your baby’s nap time. The earlier in the day, the better it is for most kids.


4. The baby-proofing: A year into motherhood means you’ll already be good at keeping your baby safe but one can never be too cautious. With your attention split between the guests and the baby, there are certain things you would need to do to ensure its safety. Baby-proofing the apartment is a must. It will benefit not just your baby but also other kids at the party. To protect them from mosquitoes and other insects, use a safe and reliable repellent such as Goodknight Gold Flash System.


5. The modest expectations: Your baby’s first birthday is an important occasion. While you may desire a picture-perfect party for your baby, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge deal. Your baby is too young to appreciate your efforts and is certainly not going to retain any fond memories. What it boils down to is this: your baby’s first birthday party will be a celebration for the adults and a milestone for the parents. Keep this in mind while you make your plans.


These are some of the things you’ll need to keep in mind when planning your baby’s first birthday party. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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