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Mommy Zone October 10, 2018

Tips to train your toddler for the life ahead

Children’s minds are said to be like a sponge. They absorb anything and everything you teach them. They’re also more capable than you think. Rather than babying your baby, let them play, eat and even get dressed on their own. This will help make them more confident and independent.

The way you bring up your children will play a vital role in the people they become. As parents, here are some essential skills you can teach your kids:

  1. Picking up after oneself – Teaching kids how to clean up after themselves is very important. Not just picking up the toys they play with; they should also learn to put away their plates after eating, arrange their clothes in the cupboard, and keep their general surroundings clean.

Starting early makes this a habit. Also, teach them how to place things in an organized manner and not just dump their toys and clothes on the floor.

  1. Daily grooming – Basic skills such as dressing up and brushing teeth should be taught to toddlers aged between 2 and 3. Teach your little one how to brush. At the onset, you can guide them but eventually try to make them do the task on their own.

Drill into their minds the need to brush one’s teeth and why they must do so twice a day. The same goes for getting neatly dressed. Encourage them to dress up by themselves. To make it easier, buy clothes with zippers instead of buttons, shoes with velcro instead of laces, etc.

  1. Allow them to help – It’s never too early for children to help around the house! Your little one is curious and wants to explore; take advantage of this and get them to help with small

tasks such as watering the plants or bring you stuff from the fridge. This will help build their interest in and learn about things around them.

  1. Let them play solo – Although toddlers are attention-seeking bundles of love, let them learn to spend time on their own too. Helping them with every task will hinder them from realizing their own abilities. From eating with a fork to building a blockhouse, watch them do these activities on their own. Yes, they might fail at first. Failure or frustration is a normal part of life, which they need to learn to cope with.

In case they turn to you and ask for help, don’t agree immediately. Instead, say something like ‘Try doing it on your own; if you face trouble mama will help you’. Learning to do things on their own will boost their confidence.

  1. Teach them to be responsible– Let kids do their part in saving the environment by taking tiny steps. Things like switching off lights and fans when not required, not letting the water in the tap/shower run too long, walking to school instead of being taken in the car, etc. will all have a lasting impact on them in the future.
  2. Teach them basic first-aid – Let your kids learn how to take care of themselves in all situations. Teach them where the first-aid box is kept, how to use bandages, and how to clean a wound. Let them do this under close supervision the first few times.

Make your kids aware of helpful products in the house. For instance, Goodknight Fabric Roll-On can keep mosquitoes at bay. This child-friendly product can be applied directly to clothes and this will protect them from mosquito bites and the deadly diseases they spread. The product is child-friendly and each application lasts for about eight hours.

You will need a lot of patience to inculcate good and healthy habits in your child. Remember, the effort is going to pay off in the long run. You are doing all this to make them healthier and more responsible as they grow up. So give it a shot; you’ll be surprised by the results

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