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Mommy October 1, 2018

Tired of your kid spending too much time online-Here is a solution

With the internet taking over our lives, the younger generation is spending an alarming amount of time online. The physical inactivity has obvious health consequences apart from exposure to undesirable elements on the internet. Even tiny tots are seen being fascinated by small screens and choosing mobile phones to play with over toys.

Children are getting increasingly tech-savvy. While it could be seen as a good thing but their dependence on technology these days is truly baffling. As a responsible parent, it is your job to strike that fine balance, ensure that your children do not obsess over technology and spend enough time on the playground as well.

If the internet has your child addicted, nipping this habit in the bud is essential for his/her mental and physical well-being.

Here’s a list of ways you can go about helping your child get rid of the online addiction.

Limit Screen Time

One of the major setbacks of unmonitored time spent on the internet by your child is the negative effect it might have on his/her academic performance.

With children more interested in surfing the net, books are ignored. This is where limiting their screen time helps. Limit this unhealthy behavior by learning when to say no. Although unpopular with the kids, this decision is a step towards helping them curb their addiction before it gets worse.

Talk to your child and explain your decision. Have them on your side by explaining how unlimited hours on the internet adversely affect their lives.

Finally, allot a time band for them to spend on the internet. Make sure you don’t pick the time that interferes with their play or study time.

Encourage Your Child to Play

With children ruining their eyesight before they even can celebrate their tenth birthday, it’s alarming how much technology can adversely affect their health. Explain to them the risks of poor eyesight, low attention span, and childhood obesity and steer them towards physical exercise and play instead of wasting time online.

Encourage them to make new friends and spend time playing outside each day. While they do that, make sure they are safe from the mosquito menace. UseGoodKnight Fabric Roll-On that you can apply on your child’s clothes to keep mosquitoes and insects at bay. Mosquitoes are carriers of a host of diseases. It’s best you protect them with the kid-safe Fabric Roll-On that comes in handy portable bottles and is very easy to use.

Be Involved in Their Lives

Take a deep and honest interest in your kid’s life. After all, this is when the strongest bonds are formed. Talk to them. Play with them, take them swimming, read to them or even cook with them. Even though it might mean extra work for you, it will be worth it. Nothing like having invested time into understanding and forging a genuine bond with your child. Spend quality time with them to not let them feel the need to head back online.

You now know what to do. Make sure your child spends a healthy amount of time online and doesn’t get increasingly addicted to it. Too much of anything is not good after all.

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