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Mommy October 1, 2018

X Best beverages for your toddler

Toddlers can be very fussy when it comes to eating and drinking. For parents, finding the right balance between nutrition and taste can be hard. Nonetheless, it’s the parents’ responsibility to ensure their child is getting an adequate quantity of fluids to stay hydrated and healthy.

Here are five healthy beverage options for your child:

  1. Coconut water

Packed with beneficial electrolytes, this makes for a great drink in the summer. Loaded with nutrients and naturally sweet, coconut water serves as a wonderful refreshment for your little one. A great source of calcium and vitamin C, it keeps dehydration away and replenishes the body’s natural salts. If your child ever suffers from diarrhea, this can be an ideal way to replace lost nutrients and salts.

  1. Unsweetened fruit juice

Fruit juices for your toddler should preferably be unsweetened. Sugary juices are naturally acidic and can corrode teeth enamel over time. Pure juice, without added sugars, is the healthiest option. It is best to mix one part of juice with 6-10 parts of water before giving it to your child. Pure juice contains essential vitamins which, when given at meal times, can help enhance vitamin C absorption along with iron uptake in your child’s body.

  1. Lemon/cucumber infusion

Squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon juice or cut up some cucumber slices and add them to your toddler’s drinking water to make a refreshing beverage. High on antioxidants, these are good replacements for plain water. Besides being good sources of vitamin C, they help cool down and hydrate the body. So these are an ideal choice for hot summer days or when your child is fatigued after playing.

  1. Hot chocolate

Rarely are kids thrilled at the prospect of having plain milk, and it can be a daily struggle to get them to drink it. Besides being one of the best sources of calcium, milk also helps in the overall growth of your child’s body, so make sure you don’t let your child skip this essential component from her diet. Instead of plain milk with sugar, you can offer your child some hot chocolate. You can prepare this by heating some milk and blending it with two squares of dark chocolate.

  1. Fruit smoothies

Fruits contain natural sugars, and so they are far healthier than juices with artificial sweeteners. Blend some bananas, berries, yogurt, and milk to make a healthy smoothie treat that will give your child the much-needed nutrition they require for growth.

Healthy beverages aside, make sure the environment where your child has her meals is always clean and hygienic. Mosquitoes and germs can negate the health benefits of the healthiest of food. Use Goodknight Neem Agarbatti to keep mosquitoes at bay. This way, your child can enjoy their drink without disease-causing mosquitoes hovering around them.

Follow these simple suggestions to ensure your child remains well-hydrated at all times, and will always be healthy and safe.

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