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Mosquito-borne Diseases, Dengue Blogs April 1, 2018

Avoid Dengue By Staying Protected From Mosquitoes

Dengue is a viral infection caused by the dengue virus that is transmitted through the bite of the infected Aedes Aegypti mosquito. These mosquitoes are the carriers of the disease – they transmit the virus from one person to another.


Since dengue can prove to be fatal, it is really important that we prevent it from this first stage itself – the bite of dengue-causing mosquitoes. Below are some tips you can use to protect yourself and your family from the threat of dengue.


Stay in cooler areas

Try to be in closed and cool places, preferably air conditioned. Mosquitoes are found more in warmer areas as they offer ideal temperatures for breeding.


Dress smartly

Cover your arms and legs when heading out, especially if you’re going out at dusk or dawn as dengue mosquitoes are most active during this period. Remember to use outdoor mosquito repellents like Goodknight Fabric Roll-On before stepping out. Small measures like these go a long way in dengue protection.


Manage your home environment

As much as we like to believe that our house is safe, we may not be entirely protected. It is up to us to prevent mosquitoes from breeding around us. Simple steps like covering the trash can at all times, not over watering plants, keeping buckets upside down to avoid collection of standing water, always keeping the sink clean etc. can help in reducing mosquito habitat. This, in turn, will assure reduced dengue risks. Use mosquito nets while sleeping and mesh your windows. If you cannot locate any mosquitoes, risk of dengue will be minimized. Read more about where dengue mosquitoes generally breed here.


Use mosquito repellents

Don’t let the lack of time put you at the risk of dengue. Be one step ahead by using Goodknight Fabric Roll-On which is made using 100% natural ingredients and is paediatrician certified as baby safe. It is super easy to apply – just 4 dots of Fabric Roll-On on your clothes will keep you protected from mosquitoes for 8 hours outdoors.


While you’re at home, make sure you have the Goodknight Gold Flash System plugged in even in the morning. The 2x power of Gold Flash will help to keep dengue-causing mosquitoes away from your family. You can easily switch between the Normal and Activ modes, depending on the number of mosquitoes.



Mosquito Repellent for Mosquito Free Family Time



You can also practise certain home remedies which involve the use of natural mosquito repellents. It is advisable to have a Tulsi (holy basil) plant near your window as its scent keeps mosquitoes from entering the house. Having camphor pellets in neem oil or eucalyptus oil in the house can also have a similar effect.


Strengthen your immune system

Your diet defines your immune system. To ward off infections like dengue, your body needs to be alert and ready. Consumption of fruits and proteins is always good for your body. Drinking Tulsi water helps cleanse your system of parasites. Eat healthily and keep dengue at bay.


Watch out for symptoms

At first, dengue may not have any peculiar symptoms, it may look the same as any viral fever. However, if you notice rashes or extreme muscle pain, it is advisable to get a medical check-up done. Read about symptoms of dengue in detail here.

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