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Know About Diseases April 5, 2019

Do you know what the West Nile Disease is?

You probably have heard of the West Nile Disease, but how much do you know about it? In recent times, there have been reports about it spreading across many countries via West Nile Virus (WNV). It has particularly affected several countries in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and West Asia. The virus spreading the disease is learned to belong to the family of Flaviviridae. The largest outbreaks have occurred in Greece, Israel, Romania, Russia, and the USA.


The West Nile Fever (WNF), caused by the West Nile Virus is one of the deadliest diseases caused by mosquitoes, affecting the neurological system of the body. It is caused due to bites of carrier mosquitoes, who feed on infected birds due to which the infection spreads in their blood. It is then transmitted to humans and animals after they are bitten.


No cure or medication has been found till date to cure the disease; the one certainty about it, though, is that it is a mosquito-borne disease. One of the most dangerous things about this infection is that most people do not show any symptoms. Only 1 in 5 people tend to show symptoms such as high fever, while 1 in 150 people have been known to develop a fatal form of the disease.


Due to the very reason that mosquitoes are the cause of the West Nile Fever, there are a lot of measures that need to be taken on a personal level, which can prevent the spread of this disease.


  1. Use personal mosquito repellents: This is the first and foremost thing to consider and one of the best ways to protect yourself. Goodknight has a range of mosquito repellents for personal use which are ideal for both, adults and kids. Goodknight Fabric Roll-On, Patches, Gel and Power Shots work well when going outdoors as they are easy to apply, quick to use and can be carried anywhere. Goodknight personal repellents are paediatrician certifies as Baby Safe and therefore are safe to use around infants and children.
  2. Take proper precautions in the evening: Mosquitoes infected with WNV have a higher tendency to bite in the evening. For this reason, protection in the evening is of utmost importance. Don’t forget to use personal repellents. If you are indoors, Goodknight power activ+ will keep you protected. Power activ+ is now 50% more powerful on the Normal mode and even more powerful on the Activ mode. Switch between activ mode and normal mode, depending upon number of mosquitoes.
  3. Get rid of any stagnant water: Don’t let water pool in or around your home as it gives mosquitoes the perfect breeding ground. So, keep children’s pools, plant pots, buckets, drains etc. free of standing water. Stagnant water often gets contaminated with time, and mosquitoes use it to start breeding.
  4. Research before you travel: If you plan to travel to certain states in the US such as Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas or Kansas, be sure to check for recent cases of WNF and take necessary precautions before your trip. However, it would be advisable to avoid visiting these areas in case of such incidents to avoid becoming infected.
  5. Seek treatment at suitable medical centres: Though this is a must-implement paradigm as per the standards released by WHO, all health care centers and doctors must adopt standard infection control precautions while handling patients with confirmed or suspected WNF.


While this disease is most prevalent in the United States, the Indian government too, is spreading awareness about the disease, after a recent case. A 7-year old boy in Kerala was infected with WNF, and though it was believed that he was on the road to recovery, a cardiac arrest caused him to breathe his last on 18th March 2019.


As individuals, we must spread awareness about this infection so that no one else is affected by it. Let’s pledge to fight against mosquitoes and their dreadful diseases with full strength!

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