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Know About Diseases February 5, 2019

Malaria And Dengue On Rise With Monsoon Showers In India

Ahead of the monsoon, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) had reserved a total of 3,500 beds across all government hospitals of the city to combat the water-borne diseases, anticipating the huge number of patients that would be a victim of dreadful malaria and dengue until the season lasts.


As on this day, several hospitals have reported a surge in the number of cases being admitted due to the mosquito-borne Malaria and Dengue. Experts also foresee the number graph to only rise as the season reaches its peak.


Who is more prone to fall prey to these diseases?

People with low immunities and asthmatic patients are more likely to be a victim of Malaria and Dengue during this time of the year. Other than this, anyone with an unhealthy lifestyle and poor habits of hygiene can be diagnosed with Malaria and Dengue.



The cause:

The primary and the most common cause is a parasite that is communicated from one person to another by an infected mosquitoes bite.


Types of Malaria:

Falciparum and Vivax.

The latter is dreadful and can cause loss of life in case of poor quality treatment provided to the patient; the former is relatively more common in people and is curable in a short time period.


Signs And Symptoms of Malaria

  1. Short lasting and recurring fever.
  2. Body aches and chills.
  3. Fatigue.
  4. Night Sweats.
  5. Shivering and Sweating.
  6. Headache.
  7. Fast Heart Rate.



The cause:

Dengue is carried by the Aedes mosquito that breeds in water bodies that have been stagnant for a period of one week or over. Usually at sites of construction, water tanks that are overheated, swimming pools, plants, and discarded junk unattended for a long time.


Research says the threat of these mosquito-borne communicable diseases doesn’t end with the rainy season. Once the weather is clear, the Aedes mosquitoes conquer the most in hot, high and humid temperature, i.e. between 20-30 degree Celsius.


Symptoms of Dengue:

The symptoms are something close to a flu-like illness. There is spike in body temperature, commonly known as break bone fever. The symptoms are widespread, ranging from mild to serious.


The severe ones consist of what they call Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS) and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF). These two are dangerous and require hospitalization.



  1. Continuous fever for about or over a week.
  2. A throbbing headache and pain behind the eyes.
  3. Severe pain in muscles and joints.
  4. Immediate loss of appetite.
  5. Digestion problems like vomiting and diarrhoea.
  6. Rashes on the skin.
  7. Bleeding of gums.

The major distinguishing symptom between the two mosquito-borne diseases is the duration of fever. While dengue fever is constant for over a week, Malaria fever occurs for a couple of hours but regularly.


Unfortunately, there are no vaccinations for these serious diseases yet. To your rescue, a wide range of Goodknight mosquito repellents are available at your nearest chemist and supermarkets for a significantly reduced risk of being infected by these deadly diseases.



  1. Stay hydrated by drinking bottled or boiled water for flushing the toxins throughout the day.


  1. Keeping the restaurant/hawkers food at a safe distance.


  1. Put away the wet garbage immediately.


  1. Wear a Goodknight Cool Gel and carry one along always.


  1. Use Goodknight mosquito repellents at home at all times during monsoons.


  1. Spray your abode with Goodknight anti-mosquito sprays.


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  1. Goodknight Fast Cards at the corridors are one way to forbid the mosquitoes from entering in


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Protect yourself and your family from dengue and malaria this monsoon season with lesser smoke, long-lasting protection, pleasant fragrance repellents that ensure an instant relief from mosquitoes.

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