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Know About Diseases, Dengue Blogs March 27, 2019

Differentiation, Diagnosis, and Treatment of various types of Dengue Fever

‘Disease’ is one dreadful word that brings shivers, even if it is a viral fever. We try to maintain the basic personal hygiene habits, as being unhygienic can make you susceptible to diseases. We try to be extra cautious with children, especially toddlers & infants as their immunity is still in the development phase. When we talk about fever, Dengue is one type that comes to our minds and hope that no one should get infected with Dengue fever. This deadly menace is on the rise since the last couple of years and therefore it is better to be educated about Dengue. Before arriving at the conclusion on whether you or your child has Dengue fever, it is important to identify Dengue fever symptoms.


Dengue is caused by the dengue virus that gets transmitted via the bite of the infected Aedes mosquito. You should never panic when your child catches the fever and start to think that it is the deadly Dengue fever. Being a parent is a difficult task since you are always on your toes and it is advisable to be prepared with the knowledge of Dengue symptoms in child rather than getting panicked at the last moment!


Different kinds of fever

  • Continuous Fever (Pneumonia, Typhoid fever, Urinary tract infection)
  • Remittent Fever
  • Intermittent Fever (Dengue, Malaria, Septicemia)



Dengue is also called as ‘breakbone fever’ or ‘dandy fever’. In Dengue, the patient has a very high fever, body ache, skin rashes and muscle & joint pain. When someone gets fever, the body temperature rises, which is common for all kinds of fever, what makes Dengue fever unique are its different types and Dengue symptoms. You have to be extra cautious in the rainy season since mosquitoes can lay eggs on the walls of water-filled containers’ in the house, thereby posing more threats of Dengue, especially in children.


Types of Dengue fever  –


Dengue shock syndrome, also termed as DSS is a severe form of Dengue. Apart from the normal Dengue symptoms, the person might experience the following symptoms


  • Stomach ache
  • Vomiting at regular intervals
  • Disorientation
  • Fast drop in blood pressure



DSS can turn out to be fatal if the patient does not receive treatment at the right time. It is always recommended to visit your doctor as soon as you observe these signs when you have a fever.


Dengue hemorrhagic fever – Dengue hemorrhagic fever, also termed as DHF, is a type of dengue whose symptoms worsen with each passing day. Someone having DHF will observe signs of internal bleeding. Below are some of the other symptoms of DHF:


  • Sensitive stomach
  • Bleeding from nose, gums, or mouth
  • Spots underneath the skin
  • Lowering the count of blood platelets
  • Unpleasantly damp and sticky skin



Like DSS, DHF can also turn out to be fatal and it is highly recommended that you visit the doctor at the earliest if you witness any of the above-mentioned symptoms.


If your child is having Dengue fever, you need to keep him/her hydrated since vomiting can cause severe loss of water in the body. You should also keep your child away from the TV, iPad, etc. and ensure that the body is given adequate rest for complete recovery. In order to prevent the attack of Dengue fever, you should always make use of mosquito repellents in the house so that your house is free from mosquitoes.


Dengue Treatment – There is no specific treatment for Dengue fever, but a person suffering from Dengue should always stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids. You need to consult your doctor if you observe symptoms of DHF or DSS. You should avoid consuming painkillers since that can increase bleeding complications.

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