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Mommy Zone February 5, 2019

Monsoon Health Tips: Mosquito Protection for Kids

There’s an extraordinary excitement that comes with the Monsoon season. The pleasant aroma of first rain and sudden chill after months of scorching summer – we all love the feeling of a comfortable evening back home in this weather! For our children, jumping in muddy puddles and making paper boats is a highlight to their day or week, something we’re sure that hasn’t changed for generations.

But while we reminisce about what we love about this season, the rains do bring something we unanimously dislike – mosquitoes. These vermin sting us to suck our blood and leave us with rashes and often worse – Dengue & Malaria.

As is the worry every year, we’re sure you must have wondered what possible steps you can take to protect yourself from these danger and we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of must-do steps to protect your loved ones at home and let them all enjoy the monsoon- the way it should be!

1. Don’t let water stagnate:
It is important to do a thorough check of the inside and outside surroundings. Don’t let water stay stagnant as it acts as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Presence of any kind of a dumping ground or any filth lying for a long time in your neighbouring area is sure to become the breeding abode for the vermin too.

To overcome this distress, you should use a liquid vaporizer – a product made by all manufacturers in the industry. Such products, like the Goodknight Gold Flash System, would do the job of keeping mosquitoes at bay and it is completely safe for the children and elderly alike.

PS, please avoid any dampness around your house and fix all leakages, if any, as well.

2. Wear full-sleeves clothes:
While heading out during monsoon season wear full-sleeve clothes. This way you can protect yourself from mosquito bites. Another effective way is to use essential oils. Essential oils like Citronella or eucalyptus help in keeping the pests at bay. Their strong aroma is what the mosquitoes hate the most. You add a few drops in the water or you can use a fabric roll-on – which is made from 100% natural actives. All you have to do is roll four dots over your clothes and you are good to go.

3. Use mosquito nets at doors and windows:
After the sunsets, we close our windows to stop the mosquitoes from barging in. But closing windows and doors can be unpleasant as it stops the ventilation required in and around the house. One solution where we can keep the mosquitoes at bay and the air keeps circulating in is by installing nets on doors and windows.

Also, to assure extra safety around your house, you can try a powerful liquid vaporiser that kills the mosquitoes. It’s intelligent heater system switches to flash mode for 4 hours and 30 minutes and then goes back to normal mode.

4. Use incense sticks:
There might be various incense sticks available to you in the market. But, not all of them are highly effective. You should for the ingredients that actually repel the mosquitoes. Neem is one of the ingredients that can protect you from mosquito bites. One of our products called Natural Neem Agarbatti will do the job of keeping those mosquitoes at bay. It produces less smoke and has a pleasant smell that burns for 3 hours due to the longer stick.

5. Dispose of garbage:
It is important to keep a thorough check of the inside and outside surroundings. Check if there is a dumping ground or any filth lying for a long time in your neighbouring area that is sure to become the breeding abode for the mosquitoes. Immediately call the municipal corporation and get it cleaned. Always dispose of the garbage from the kitchen and make sure there is no stale food lying around too.

These were some essential measures for mosquito protection that you can follow immediately. Most of these, as you can see, are very hygiene oriented and maintaining good hygiene is the least that you can do to keep mosquitoes away. Children are more prone to diseases and adults too need to take some rightful measures to protect themselves from mosquito bites.

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