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Can papaya leaves cure dengue? - Goodknight Blog
Mosquito-borne Diseases, Dengue Blogs July 31, 2017

Can Papaya Leaves Cure Dengue?

According to WHO, there are about 100 million cases of dengue every year around the world. With dengue on the rise again, we need to be on our guard always against this rapidly-spreading deadly virus. Read more about 5 must dos to protect your kids from dengue. NCBI (national center for biotechnology information) conducted a study to prove that papaya, scientifically known as Carica Papaya leaves aqueous extract exhibited potential activity against dengue fever. You can download the research from here.







How does papaya leaf extract help dengue patients?

In the research conducted it was found that there was 32% increase in the platelet count when the papaya leaf extract was administered to the patient. When the platelet counts drop to a dangerously low level during severe dengue fever, the papaya juice has been known to significantly increase the blood platelet production.


Papaya leaf juice recipe for dengue

Remove the stems and other fibrous parts and extract the juice out of the papaya leaves by crushing them and make sure that the leaves used are raw and fresh, you can crush the papaya leaves in mixer/grinder.




You need about two leaves for each treatment. In the research conducted, 25ml of this extract of papaya leaf was administered to the patient twice a day to see increase in the platelet count. You may consult your doctor before you start taking the papaya leaf juice. As always prevention is better than cure, hence take precautions to protect yourself from dengue.


Other precautions against dengue

Protect yourself against the Aedes mosquito that is responsible for spreading the dengue virus. You can safeguard yourself and your family with just 4 dots of the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On on your clothes whenever you head outdoors.
Switch on the Goodknight Gold Flash System at home for ensuring your family’s safety indoors. Ensure you do this even in the daytime as dengue mosquitoes bite in the daytime.





Apart from protecting yourself from the bite, ensure there aren’t enough breeding ground for dengue mosquitoes in and around your house. The first step towards this goal starts by understanding the breeding habitats of dengue mosquitoes. Update yourself with more information on Where do dengue mosquitoes breed?

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