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Mosquito-borne Diseases April 21, 2018

How To Cure Malaria?

Being a deadly and widespread mosquito-borne disease, malaria threatens a large number of people across the globe. There is a dedicated medical treatment for malaria. However, excessive consumption of anti-malarial medicines can make our body resistant to them. Over the years, people have identified various home remedies to cure malaria.


Let’s look at both methods of treatment separately.


  1. Anti-malarial drugs

Artemisinin-based combination therapy i.e. ACT is a combination of an artemisinin derivative with a longer-acting antimalarial that has a different mode of action. There are four types of malaria – uncomplicated P. Falciparum malaria, uncomplicated P. Falciparum malaria in special risk groups, uncomplicated malaria caused by P. Vivax, P. Ovale, P. Malariae or P. Knowles and severe malaria. There are different dosages of ACT for all the different types of malaria. Source


  1. Home remedies

Except in case of allergies, almost all herbal treatments and home remedies do not have any side effect, unlike the antimalarial drugs. Here are a few of the most effective home remedies to cure malaria. Source https://www.Organicfacts.Net/home-remedies/10-natural-remedies-malaria.Html


  • Ginger: A powerful decoction of boiled ginger can help in boosting the immune system which deteriorates during malaria. Gingerol, an active ingredient in ginger, known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activities in the body, helps speed up the recovery process after the infection.
  • Grapes: Grapes consist of a powerful substance which neutralizes malaria-inducing parasites. Simply adding grapes to a malaria patient’s diet can promote overall health and speedy recovery.
  • Cinnamon: Cinnamaldehyde, an organic component in cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties which reduces malaria’s violent and painful symptoms.
  • Mosquito protection: Undeniably, the best way to treat malaria is to never catch it in the first place. Thus, avoiding contact with mosquitoes is crucial. Research and find out about good mosquito repellents. A variety of mosquito repellents can be tried out to prevent their contact with our body and thus, prevent the spread of malaria.


Goodknight Gold Flash System: They have an active and a normal mode. You can shift between the modes depending upon the number of mosquitoes



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With about 95% of the Indian population living in malaria-prone areas, we have every reason to look out for the causes, symptoms and preventive measures of this recurring malady. Here is all you need to know about malaria.

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