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Precautions to Prevent Malaria - Goodknight
Mosquito-borne Diseases April 21, 2018

What Are The Precautions To Be Taken To Prevent Malaria?

A special genus of mosquitoes, the female Anopheles is responsible for transmitting malaria via human hosts. In order to prevent the disease, the most basic step is to keep mosquito infestation in check and stay protected against mosquito bites. The lesser the presence of mosquitoes in our neighbourhoods, the safer we will be from mosquito bites. Precautionary measures need to be taken both inside our house and outdoors. Let’s discuss the methods one by one.


Indoor Prevention from Mosquito Bites

A net treated with an insecticide can reduce the contact between mosquitoes and humans.


An effective and a long-lasting method of keeping mosquitoes in check indoors is by using mosquito repellents like the Goodknight Gold Flash System. The latest addition to Goodknight’s indoor repellent range is the Goodknight Power Chip System. Bearing the power of 100 coils, this new repellent is a cost-effective way to keep mosquitoes away. Its power vapours spread to all corners of the room, leaving behind a pleasing fragrance. Use these repellents daily in order to ensure that your house does not become a hotspot for mosquitoes.


Outdoor Protection from Mosquito Bites

Being a part of a community, we have to be conscious of our surroundings. Keeping a check on stagnant water sources in our society is a must towards preventing the spread of diseases like malaria. This is because stagnant water is the major hotspot for mosquito breeding. The surface of stagnant water keeps them hydrated even while they are under the sun.  The mosquitoes will die of dehydration if the water source is removed.


Furthermore, children are more susceptible to mosquito-borne diseases. As they spend most of their time outdoors, be it at school or at parks, it is important that you use child-safe mosquito repellents to protect them against lurking mosquitoes.


Before you send your child to school or out to play, apply just 4 dots of the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On on his/her clothes. Made using 100% natural ingredients, it is non-staining and certified as baby safe by paediatricians. This simple habit will ensure that your child enjoys a mosquito free outdoors for up to 8 hours.


Goodknight Patches can also be applied onto your child’s clothes to keep mosquitoees away. These stickers are available in 30 fun designs, including a special range of Chhota Bheem patches. Their playful design will make sure that your child doesn’t throw them away but keeps them on him/her all the time.


Insect repellents are essential public health tools for the prevention of vector-borne infectious diseases. Technically, an insect repellent is any substance, natural or synthetic, that keeps away insects or other arthropods from the source of repellent. Know how to use mosquito repellents to prevent mosquito-borne diseases here.

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